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Document Number Title
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.1 Arrangements for Future Preparatory Conferences,  11 April 2001 (New Zealand)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.2 Draft Scheme of Contributions to the Budget (Chinese Taipei)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.3 Draft Rules of Procedure for the Commission and its Subsidiary Bodies,  25 April 2001 (United States)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.4 System for Providing Interim Scientific Advice,  25 April 2001 (United States)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.5 Paper on Participation of Territories,  26 April 2001 (New Zealand)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.6 Proposed Agenda Item X (bis): Mechanism to Secure Full Participation (United States)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.7 Draft Rules of Procedure on the Participation of Territories (France)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.8 IUU Fishing (Japan)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.9 Financial Regulations (Korea)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.10 Proposal from FFA Members on the Recognition of the Special Requirements of Developing States
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.11 Report on the Progress in the Measures to eliminate IUU Large Scale Tuna Longline Fishing Vessels
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.12 Fact Sheet Presented by Japanese Delegation on Expansion of Fishing Capacity of Purse Seiners in the Western Central Pacific
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.13 Statement by the United States of America
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.14 Korea's Views on the Current Fishing Capacity in the WCPO
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.15 Response by Chinese Taipei to Fact Sheet presented by Japan
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.16 Submission by the Delegation of Japan
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.17 Submission by the Delegation of Japan
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.18 Northern Committee Proposal: Views of the United States
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.19 Statement by the Russian Federation
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.20 Comments by the Republic of Korea on the formula for the scheme of contributions (Republic of Korea)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.21 Comments by the Republic of Korea on the formula for the scheme of contributions (Republic of Korea)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.22 Proposal by the Russian Federation to rule 35 of the revised draft rules of procedure (Russian Federation)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.23 Harmonised Minimum Terms and Conditions for Foreign Fishing Vessel Access (MTCS)
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.24 Chinese Taipei response to Japanese paper on the estimate on impact as a result of increase in fishing effort by super super purse-seiners in the Western and Central Pacific
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.25 Chinese Taipei's proposal for the establishment of an ad hoc Damages Review Panel and suggested provisions
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.26 Proposal on record of fishing vessels 
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.27 Draft WCPFC BigEye Tuna statistical document programme
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.28 European Community contribution to the discussions on a record of fishing vessels
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.29 Information paper on expansion of fishing capacity in the WCPFC area during the Preparatory Conference Process
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.30 FFA members contribution to the Commission's record for vessels and authorization to fish
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.31 Options for VMS cooperation among the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation and the Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
WCPFC/PrepCon/DP.32 Information Paper on the Translation of the Convention into French


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