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Document Number Title
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.1/Rev.10 Status of the Convention
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.2 Draft Rules of Procedure for the Preparatory Conference
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.3 Draft Rules of Procedure for the Commission (including Annex)
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.4 Draft Rules and Regulations concerning Financial Management and Internal Administration of the Commission
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.5 Provision of Interim Scientific Advice
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.6 Draft Organizational Structure of the Commission (including Annex)
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.7 Draft Budget for the first financial period of the Commission
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.8 Draft Scheme of Contributions to the Budget
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.9 Draft Provisional Agenda for the First Meeting of the Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific
WCPF/PrepCon/BP.10 Agenda Item XI: Mechanisms to promote participation (Note by the Chairman


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